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With over 85 years experience City Cabs  provide a fast, efficient, reliable and safe taxi service in Edinburgh that is backed up by the best technology.


As Edinburgh’s largest association of licensed hackney taxis, City Cabs are currently operating with a fleet of over 450 vehicles, all of which are regulated by the City of Edinburgh Council. City Cabs (Edinburgh) Ltd is a co-operative, owned and operated by the members, this in turn means each member is committed to the long term success of the business and to the City of Edinburgh.

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Taxis and Private Hire
Taxis and Private Hire

Do you know the difference between Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles? We provide some information that will ensure that you travel safe in Edinburgh's Taxis and PH cars.
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Easter Weekend
Easter Weekend

It’s that time of year again when Arthur's Seat carries a stench of rotten egg as hundreds gather to roll their decorated hard boiled eggs down one of the many steep slopes available. Read More