Booking App

Download our iPhone App or our Android App for quick easy booking.    

Booking a taxi has never been easier. The City Cabs App has been developed to make booking a cab a quick and user friendly experience. 

There have been some changes to our booking app. If you used the old version and have recently updated then please check HERE for information.

We’ve provided some screenshots below that will help better understand the app and some of the features that are available. If you are looking for help with something that is not listed then please email

City Cabs Taxi

Upon opening the app you will be asked to register. We will send you a verification text so please make sure the mobile number provided is correct.

City Cabs taxi

The app will use GPS to determine your location. You’ll be asked to provide a door or business name before being able to confirm your booking. Please make sure the information is correct before continuing.

Home Screenshot

If you need to change any information on the app or if you need to select a default vehicle type or payment type then this can be done via your settings page.

City Cabs taxi

We offer 3 different methods of payment within the app, good old fashioned cash, corporate/personal account or card. Each options requires setup on first use.

City Cabs taxi

To use card for payment, select the setup option from the payment method screen. Insert your details and go back to the booking screen. From here, go back into payment method and select card by clicking the far right of the button. It’s a similar process for account holders but it may require set up at our end so drop us an email –

City Cabs taxi

The app also lets you set up a ‘Buddy’. The buddy features lets you add a friends phone number so you can keep them updated on journey progress. We’ll send a text to them to let them know when you’re taxi has arrived and when you’ve been dropped off.


When you have booked using card, do not give your card to the driver to process through their chip & pin terminal. This should only happen in cases where a card has been declined and another form of payment is required.

Card details are protected through the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security).

Please contact us on 0131 228 5319 if you require any more information.