A Carbon Neutral Company

Carbon Neutral

Supporting Scotland’s Woodlands

At City Cabs we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible especially as our business is a taxi company.  We recycle, advise our clients to taxi share and a whole host of other initiatives to keep our emissions to a minimum as well as signing up to ISO14001.

As a co-operative it is very important that we involve our members in what we do as this way we get their buy in and we can make positive change happen.

We have done this by supporting native woodlands in Scotland.  Planting trees does a lot more than simply sequester carbon emissions and we are delighted to be helping Trees4Scotland to create a new and permanent woodland that can be enjoyed by all. 


This year we have planted 400 trees already – one for each member and staff member and we will continue to plant trees for every new corporate client to come on board.

The trees are planted as part of Trees4Scotland’s Teaghlach Wood project (Teaghlach means family or clan in Scots Gaelic) and consist mainly of native broadleaf varieties such as oak, birch, willow, rowan, ash and hawthorn – as well as a smattering of Scots pines.

The trees will create a haven for wildlife and Trees4Scotland even use them as a learning resource for their primary schools education programme called The Tree Amigos.

Angus Crabbie of Trees4Scotland comments:  “We are delighted that another Scottish company wants to support a Scottish project.  By all working together we can make Scotland the example that others can follow when tackling climate change”.

 Our support for Trees4Scotland is a long term commitment and we look forward to keeping you updated on how the project is progressing.